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Best Tech Items For The House

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Tech Items

Who doesn’t love having tech items around the house? From the Amazon Echo to an iPad, it really does make life easier. Whether you need to buy something off Amazon or track your workout, technology is ready to help. This post will help you find the best tech items for your home. Even though it isn’t on this list, I love the new Star Wars gadgets. This way the force can be with me at all times.

tech items
Technology For The Home


If your into fitness or just want to stay healthy, a Fitbit is great to have with you at home or out. Fitbit’s aren’t just for weight loss or counting steps as many people think. Higher end models can track everything from sleep cycles to heart health. Even for spying on text messages

Some models can even sync with other peoples Fitbit’s. So you can challenge your friend to exercise or move more. A Fitbit is a fantastic tech item because it’s very useful and you know how cool it looks on your arm. Now they have different colors and bands for personalization. 

Tablet Mount

A universal tablet mount is one of those gadgets that you don’t think you need until you see how useful it is. You can use the mount to hold your tablet while cooking in the kitchen. Or use it in bed to hold the tablet while watching movies or TV shows. Also use the mount to hold the tablet steady while Face-timing.

This way you won’t deal with any more shaky videos while video chatting with people. The mount makes it easier to hold the tablet if it is too heavy for some people. If your older or have arthritis, even holding up a light tablet can cause pain. So a universal tablet mount that fits most tablets is great for your home. 

tech items
Watching TV At Home

New Cheaper iPad

Apple just recently rolled out a new cheaper version of the iPad. The new iPad is a hybrid of the iPad Pro and traditional iPads. It’s not quite as fast as the iPad Pro and graphics aren’t quite as crystal clear. But the new cheaper version does support the Apple Pencil which is awesome. So you can still write and draw on the screen. Customers would have been angry if they got rid of this feature. 

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is probably one of the best tech items for your home. The Amazon Echo can do it all. You can look up information just by asking Alexa questions. As well as do online ordering and look up other things. It’s great for entertainment because there are no remotes to worry about or discs to keep track off. If you enjoyed this check out my last post about smart home technology