Beauty and the Beast Tech Toys & Accessories

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On of the most anticipated movies of the year is Disney’s live-action film Beauty and the Beast. It stars Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beats, and other stars such as Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson, Ian McKellan, and Kevin Kline. It’s truly a star studded cast! With that being said, Beauty and the Beast tech toys and accessories will be flying off of the shelves. Here are some of them below!

Disney Beauty and Beast Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box

What little girl or MAJOR Disney fan wouldn’t love a Beauty and Beast Jewelry Box. This box is the enchanted rose which can light up and bloom right before your eyes! It also plays the classic song “Beauty and the Beast”. Also included is the feather ring from the upcoming live action film. Of course, it also can store your jewelry and trinkets. It is available at Toys R Us and costs $19.99.

Disney’s Singing Mrs. Potts

Who doesn’t love Mrs. Potts! She’s the mother everyone wants! In the upcoming movie, Mrs. Potts is played by Emma Thompson. The toy shimmers and sings “Beauty and the Beast” of course. It is a great toy for any little girl who loves her tea parties! It is sold at Toys R Us and costs $8.99.


This watch is the perfect accessory for any Teen or older! It is beautiful shimmering gold with a silhouette of belle and the rose in the middle. It also is inscribed with “Tale As Old As Time”. This gift is beautiful to give to any woman!! This watch is sold by Hot Topic for about $25.00. Also to mention, Hot Topic sells a gold Beauty and the Beast Stained glass watch for the same price!

Hasbro Coding Belle Doll

This toy is both princessy and education. The doll looks exactly like Belle, decked out in hear beautiful gold dress. The doll can dance, sing, and can speak over 100 phrases! That’s impressive! However to do the movements, dancing, and singing, the child has to code via app. The toy is supposed to help the child’s mind get geared towards coding. There is a basic connect the dots mode for younger children and they just have to drag their finger. In the block coding phase for older children, they can drag and drop blocks to create a sequence. In my opinion, I wish I had this toy growing up! It is both fun and beneficial. This doll has not been released yet but will be out soon!

Beauty and the Beast Phone Cases

If you go to the Disney Store site, they have two beautiful phone cases for the upcoming live action film. The first one “Enchanted” with a beautiful creme color decorated with beautiful roses. The second case is of Emma Watson as Belle in her gold dress and holding the rose. The third one is a photo from the film of the Beast and Belle’s big ballroom dance. This case is also for the iPhone 6 case. These cases run for $39.99.

If you want something more affordable, the Disney Store has a Magic Mirror iPhone 6 case for $19.99. You can also find some cheaper Beauty and the Beast phone cases on Case Persona and Etsy.

Belle Deluxe Lighted Music Box by Precious Moments

This beautiful light music box is perfect for any young Beauty and the Beast Fan. It portrays the Be Our Guest scene which includes Belle, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip. It beautifully lights up and plays “Be Our Guest”.

These are all great Beauty and the Beast tech toys and accessories for any age. Show your Disney side and get one of these great options!